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Keeping Your Relationship Fresh

Keep talking

The secret of keeping your sex life fresh, even in a long-term relationship, is communication and making sure that you spend time together. While this may seem obvious, many couples hit problems with their sex lives because they are rarely together in the same place. No wonder intimacy is lost!

Couples often expect their partner to KNOW what they want and get angry when their needs are not met. This is often confusing for the partner who has not met the expected need, and for the person who feels their needs were not important. Communication means being able to ask for what you need in a reasonable manner without confrontation.

Make some time and space

No matter how long you have been together you need to make time and space for each other, even if you have young children. Couples often find that when they are parents they don’t have time or money for treats. But a treat doesn’t have to be expensive. A night in with a nice meal and a bottle of wine is as valuable as a meal out. And just because you are at home it doesn’t mean you can’t make an effort to bathe and dress up. Make the effort you would have in the early days and make sure the TV, computer and mobile stay off. If you can ask a grandparent or friend to have the children overnight even better!

As children get older often this can squeeze the time you have alone together. Try to make the most of the odd moments. Teenagers rarely surface early so perhaps consider making the mornings at the weekend an intimate time. Maybe treat yourself to a week-end away so you have time for each other. Time spent on keeping your relationship alive means it will be there when the children fly the nest.


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